february 23

february 23 defined in 1911 year

february 23 - February 23;
february 23 - Debate in German Reichstag on second reading of Army Bill. - Lord Minto, ex-Viceroy of India, presented with freedom of City at Guildhall, London. - North Louth election petition, Mr. H. Hazelton (Ind. Nationalist) unseated. - Death of Gen. Lebrun, French Minister of War. - French Chamber of Deputies pass bill for construction of two battleships.

february 23 defined in 1912 year

february 23 - February 23;
february 23 - Mr. Lloyd George speaks at the Albert Hall, London, on Woman Suffrage. - Italian Parliament adopts bill ratifying the annexation of Tripoli. - Death of the Grand-duke of Luxemburg. - Lord Kitchener welcomed at Khartum. - Charity Commissioners' report on Boxted small holdings evictions issued. - The British Medical Association appoint a State Sickness Insurance Committee to deal on their behalf with the Govt.

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