february 24

february 24 defined in 1911 year

february 24 - February 24;
february 24 - Hague Tribunal finds in favour of Great Britain in the Savarkar case (see Jan. 14). - German Reichstag pass Army Bill. - French Government's majority falls to 16 in debate about clerical legislation. - U. S. Senate ratifies new commercial treaty with Japan. - Lord Rosebery speaks on Dickens at Mansion House, London. - Gloucestershire (Forest of Dean) by-election results in return of Mr. H. Webb (Liberal), majority 3,068.

february 24 defined in 1912 year

february 24 - February 24;
february 24 - Mansion House meeting in London on threatened coal-strike. - Italians sink two Turkish war-ships in Beirut harbour. - Mr. Roosevelt declares himself willing to accept Republican nomination as a candidate for the American Presidency. - New speed records in flying made at Pau by Tabuteau, French airman. - Mr. Winston Churchill declares against the Conciliation Bill (Women's Suffrage) in a letter to the secretary of the Dundee branch of Women's Freedom League. - Glasgow (St. Rollox) by-election results in return of N. S. McKinnon Wood (Liberal) by 469, a reduction of 1,448. - Ireland beats Scotland in Rugby foot ball at Dublin by 10 points to 8.

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