january 3

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january 3 - January 3
january 3 - London Police surround a house in Sidney Street, Mile End, to effect the capture of the murderers of three policemen at Houndsditch on Dec. 16, 1910. Soldiers and Maxim guns brought to their aid. The house and inmates destroyed by fire. - Govt. of India publish order prohibiting from July 1 emigration of indentured Indians to Natal. - Railway accident at Gaika's Loop, near Cathcart, Cape Colony; 18 killed, 50 injured. - M. Regnard, French actor, shot dead in a restaurant at Paris. - Sweden agrees to lend officers for the Persian gendarmerie. - First Postal Savings Banks opened in U. S. post offices. - U. S. Government's Panama Canal libel suit instigated in 1908 by Pres. Roosevelt against New York World dismissed by U. S. Supreme Court.

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