march 13

march 13 defined in 1911 year

march 13 - March 13;
march 13 - Further Russian troops withdrawn from Kazvin, Persia. - Sir R. Henderson reports on naval defences of Australia. - Lord Rosebery speaks on Scottish industries at Mansion House, London. - Sir Edward Grey speaks in British House of Commons in favour of Peace Treaty with America. - 'England beats Wales in Association football at New Cross by 3 goals to none. - Constitutionality of Federal corporation tax affirmed by U. S. Supreme Court.

march 13 defined in 1912 year

march 13 - March 13;
march 13 - Royal Commission appointed in England to enquire into the methods of appointment and promotion in the Civil Service. - Lieut. Seville, French airman, killed at Pau. - The Italians attack Turco-Arabs near Bengazi, Tripoli, and inflict heavy losses. - American anthracite operators, in conference at New York, refuse miners' demands.

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