december 16

december 16 defined in 1911 year

december 16 - December 16;
december 16 - King George leaves Delhi for shooting trip in Nepal. - Gaekwar of Baroda apologises in a letter to the Viceroy of India for failure to observe correct etiquette in doing homage to King George at Delhi Durbar. - Sir Edward Grey and Mr. Lloyd George speak at Horticultural Hall, London, in favour of Woman Suffrage; the latter is attacked when returning from the meeting. - Lord Haldane at Bradford speaks in reply to Lord Roberts' criticism of Territorial Force. - British Parliament prorogued. - Austria- Hungary announces assent in principle to Franco-German Agreement. - Fighting between Arabs and Italian sailors at Suara, and Derna in Tripoli. - Public meeting held at Boston, Mass., to devise a "progressive" organisation in Re publican party. - Urgency Deficiency bin ($2,270,000) passed by U. S. House of Representatives without amendment.

december 16 defined in 1912 year

december 16 - December 16;
december 16 - Peace Conference of Balkan, Greek and Turkish delegates opened at St. James's Palace, London, by Sir Edward Grey. - British Minister at Peking protests to Chinese Government against violation of Opium agreement. - Mr. Bonar Law speaks at Ashton-under-Lyne on Tariff Reform policy of Unionist party, and advocates Colonial Conference to consider question of food taxes. - Confederation du Travail declares 24 hours' strike in France as protest against war. - Naval engagement between Greek and Turkish fleets outside Dardanelles. - Turkish sortie from Skutari repulsed by Montenegrins. - Carl Louis Alsberg is named chief of the bureau of chemistry, U.S. department of agriculture, successor to Dr. Harvey Wiley. - U.S. Supreme Court in the Reading coal case holds there is no general combination for restraint of trade. - 4th biennial exhibition of contemporary oil painting opens at the Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, D.C.; 1st prize to Childe Hassam for "The New York Window." - U.S. Senate chooses as alternating presidents A. O. Bacon (Georgia) and J. M. Gallinger (New Hampshire).

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