december 15

december 15 defined in 1911 year

december 15 - December 15;
december 15 - King George lays first stone of new imperial capital at Delhi. - M. Millerand speaks in French Chamber on Franco-German Agreement. - Treaty between U. S. and Great Britain, Japan and Russia abolishing pelagic sealing becomes effective (see July 7). - Lord Roberts in England publishes letter alleging unpreparedness of British Army for war. - Seamen's strike at Funchal, Madeira; martial law prevails. - Cretan Deputies prevented from sailing for Greece by French cruiser which escorts steamer intended for them to Suda Bay. - Austrian Premier, Count Sturgkh, makes statement on foreign policy. - Insurance Bill passes third reading in House of Lords, without a division.

december 15 defined in 1912 year

december 15 - December 15;
december 15 - Death in London of Mr. Whitelaw Reid, American Ambassador. - Lieut. Wilfrid Parke, R.N., naval airman, and Mr. A. Hardwicke, killed at Wembley. - Attempt to lynch Peruvian Government Commissioners sent to Putumayo rubber district. - Reported shooting of several per sons at Holda on British territory by Portuguese force from Goa, India.

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