december 17

december 17 defined in 1911 year

december 17 - December 17;
december 17 - King George telegraphs to Pres. Fallieres his thanks for services rendered by French seamen to "Delhi" and his grief at loss of brave lives. - Russia and Turkey come to an agreement on the independence of Persia.

december 17 defined in 1912 year

december 17 - December 17;
december 17 - Peace Conference adjourns until Turkish delegates receive instructions as to whether they may deal with Greeks before Greece signs the Chatalja armistice. - Meeting of Ambassadors of the Great Powers at the Foreign Office, London, Sir E. Grey presiding. - Herr Edl's report on Prochaska incident published in Vienna. - Prince Katsura directed by Emperor of Japan to form a Cabinet. - Peruvian Government order arrest of Julio Arana, director of Puturnayo rubber industry. - Spanish Chamber of Deputies adopt Franco-Spanish Treaty by 216 votes to 22. - Death of "Common," famous English racehorse. - Pres. appoints 9 members of commission on Industrial Relations provided for by act of Congress approved Aug. 24. - Montgomery Schuyler, Jr. (b. 1877) of New York, first Secretary of the American Embassy at Mexico City, named U.S. minister to Ecuador. - Wm. J. Flynn (formerly deputy commissioner of police in New York City) appointed chief of the U.S. Secret Service as successor to John E. Wilkie. - Federal Grand Jury at Chicago indicts John Carstensen, vice-president of the New York Central Railroad, for alleged rebating (see Nov. 22).

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