march 18

march 18 defined in 1911 year

march 18 - March 18;
march 18 - Resignation of Signer Luzzatti and Italian ministry. - Death of race-horse "Flying Fox," former winner of the Derby, in France. - Roosevelt storage dam in Arizona (capacity 1,284,000 acre-feet) formally opened. - Scotland beat Ireland in Association football by 2 goals to o, and England beat Scotland in Rugby football by 13 to 8.

march 18 defined in 1912 year

march 18 - March 18;
march 18 - Strike of London taxi-cabs for one day; settled on the 19th. - Mr. Winston Churchill introduces the Navy Estimates in the British House of Commons. - Rutherford & Son, a play by Miss K. G. Sowerby, produced at the Little Theatre, London. - Coal rises 4s. a ton in London. - Mahlon Pitney takes oath as an Associate Justice of U. S. Supreme Court, his nomination (Feb. 19) having been confirmed by Senate (March 13). - General wage increases made in cotton mills of Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. - A locomotive boiler explosion in the yards of the Southern Pacific R.R. at San Antonio, Texas, kills 25 strike breakers and injures many more.

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