march 19

march 19 defined in 1911 year

march 19 - March 19;
march 19 - China returns conciliatory reply to Russian demands.

march 19 defined in 1912 year

march 19 - March 19;
march 19 - Mr. Asquith introduces Minimum Wage Bill in the British House of Commons to settle the coal strike. - Mr. Tom Mann, syndicalist leader, arrested on a charge of inciting soldiers to mutiny. - Asuncion, Paraguay, besieged by revolutionaries. - In U. S. House of Representatives Excise Tax bill passed, by 252 (including 80 Republicans) to 40, taxing net income from business sources 1 per cent and designed to restore loss of revenue from abolition of sugar duties (March 15); River and Harbour appropriation bill also ($26,000,000) passed. - Delaware, Lackawanna and Western &.R., U.S.A., fined $2,000 for violation of Hepburn law.

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