march 24

march 24 defined in 1911 year

march 24 - March 24;
march 24 - German Emperor and Empress visit Austrian Emperor at Vienna. - Mexican Cabinet resigns. - Mr. Haldane, British Secretary for War, raised to the peerage as Viscount Haldane. - Departmental Committee on Law of Pilotage issue report in London. - Mr. Lewis Harcourt and Lord Esher appointed trustees of new London Museum. - Mukerji, Indian youth, sentenced at Calcutta to 14 years' imprisonment for bomb-throwing. - Race for Grand National at Liverpool won by Mr. F. Bibby's "Glenside." - Judge Speer of U. S. Circuit Court, Savannah, Ga., fines Merchants' and Miners' Transportation Company $20,000 for discrimination.

march 24 defined in 1912 year

march 24 - March 24;
march 24 - U. S. Interstate Commerce commission rules that there must be no difference between interstate and intrastate rates for traffic moving under the same conditions.

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