march 25

march 25 defined in 1911 year

march 25 - March 25;
march 25 - Sittings of Duma and Russian Council suspended for three days with view of passing Zemstvo Bill. - Dr. Armitage Robinson, formerly dean of Westminster, installed as dean of Wells. - Sefior de la Barra becomes Minister for Foreign Affairs in Pres. Diaz' new Mexican cabinet. - Fire in factory of Triangle Waist Company, New York; 147 girls killed (see Dec. 7). - Cambridge wins Oxford and Cambridge Athletic Sports in London by 6 events to 4.

march 25 defined in 1912 year

march 25 - March 25;
march 25 - Motor-car robbery and murder near Paris by highwaymen, who escape. - Greek elections result in majority for M. Venezelos. - Price of coal advanced in London by 5s. to 45s. a ton, - British, French, German and American Ministers hand Yuan Shih-kai a protest against the Anglo-Belgian loan to China. - Martial law proclaimed at Meshed by the Russian consul-general. - Sale of Roussel art collection begins in Paris. - U. S. battleship "Florida" attains a speed of 22.54 knots, best speed so far attained at any trial in U. S. Navy. - Mississippi river overflows levees at Cairo, 111. - Wales beats France in Rugby football at Newport by 14 points to 8.

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