march 27

march 27 defined in 1911 year

march 27 - March 27;
march 27 - Italian Jubilee celebrations begin in Rome. - Russia presents ultimatum to China. - M. Guchkoff, President of Russian Duma, resigns. - General Committee of King Edward Memorial adopt scheme for statue and alterations in St. James's Park, which rouses much opposition and is finally postponed. - Fire in picture palace at Middlesbrough, Yorks.; 2 children killed, 15 injured. - Sefior Madero, leader of Mexican rebels, refuses to lay down arms until Pres. Diaz is displaced. - Louis Duveen and Joseph J. Duveen, London art dealers, fined £2,000 each in New York for evading American customs duties on objects of art.

march 27 defined in 1912 year

march 27 - March 27;
march 27 - National Congress of Miners' Federation of Great Britain decides to take a ballot on the question of resumption of work. - Natural history collection of Canon Norman presented to the Natural History Museum, London. - Chou Tzu-chi made Governor of Shantung. - Fighting in the Sudan between British Camel Corps and followers of a Moslem fanatic, who is killed with n of his followers.

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