january 18

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january 18 - January 18
january 18 - The Mutjihids of Nedjif issue manifesto exhorting Sunnis and Shiah's to sink all differences and combine to protect Turkey and Persia from foreign aggression. - French Senate pass bill for regulating liquor traffic in France. - Dr. Kotoku and 23 others sentenced to death at Tokio for conspiracy against life of Mikado. - Mrs. Horace West wins libel action in the High Court, London, against her father-in-law, Sir Algernon West; damages £1,250. - Colombian troops invade Peruvian territory. - H. Clay Howard (b. 1860) of Kentucky appointed U. S. minister to Peru, as successor of Leslie Combs. - Powder explosion at Keating gold mine, Radersburg, Montana; six lives lost.

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