march 30

march 30 defined in 1911 year

march 30 - March 30;
march 30 - New Italian Ministry formed under Signor Giolitti. - "The Monarch," British battleship, launched at Elswick on Tyne. - German Imperial Chancellor, speaking in Reichstag, states that schemes of disarmament or limitation of armaments are impracticable, but that England and Germany have agreed to exchange information as to shipbuilding programmes. - Rioting in wine districts of Aube, France; military called out.

march 30 defined in 1912 year

march 30 - March 30;
march 30 - Home Rule demonstration in Dublin attended by 100,000 people. - Oxford and Cambridge boat-race results in both boats sinking and is declared by the umpire "no race." - Sultan of Morocco signs a treaty making Morocco a French Protectorate. - Emperor of Austria threatens to abdicate unless situation between Austria and Hungary improves. - Three men arrested in connection with French motor-car murders. - French navy law passed providing for two new fleets. - Federal U. S. jury in New York City fails to agree in Govt. suit of American Sugar Refining Company (see March 11).

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