april 10

april 10 defined in 1911 year

april 10 - April 10;
april 10 - Despatch of Indian force to Assam frontier to punish murder of Mr. Noel Williamson and his companions by Abor tribe. - M. Monis, French Premier, announces that Government intend to proceed with delimitation of champagne area, but French Senate condemn this policy by a large majority. - Shah of Persia gives £1,000 towards erection of Mahommedan mosque in London.

april 10 defined in 1912 year

april 10 - April 10;
april 10 - Rioting among coal-miners in South Lancashire. - White Star liner "Titanic" leaves Southampton on her maiden voyage to New York. - Sir Starr Jameson resigns leadership of Unionist Party in South Africa and is succeeded by Sir Thomas Smartt. - Italy lands a fresh body of troops in Tripoli. - Illinois presidential primaries result in favour of Mr. Roosevelt. - Advisory Committee to the British National Health Insurance Commissioners appointed consisting of 159 members; Chairman the Chancellor of the Exchequer; Vice-chairman Mr. C. F. G. Master-man.

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