april 11

april 11 defined in 1911 year

april 11 - April 11;
april 11 - M. Jaures produces scheme for Socialist organisation of France in Chamber of Deputies. - Exeter election re count results in seating of Mr. Duke, Unionist, by one vote, in place of Liberal.

april 11 defined in 1912 year

april 11 - April 11;
april 11 - Rioting of coal-miners in S. Lancashire collapses. - Irish Home Rule Bill introduced into British House of Commons by Mr. Asquith. - Mr. Knox, United States Secretary of State, visits Cuba. - Mme. Sarah Bernhardt appears as Queen Elizabeth in M. Emile Moreau's play of that name in Paris. - Lord Balfour and Mr. Austen Chamberlain entertained at St. Petersburg by the Russian and English Bank. - Maine delegation declares for Mr. Roosevelt.

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