april 12

april 12 defined in 1911 year

april 12 - April 12;
april 12 - Champagne riots renewed at Epernay, France; military called out. - British Home Secretary commutes death sentence on Stinie Morrison, convicted of murder of Leon Beron, to penal servitude for life. - Rebel tribes defeated by Moroccan troops outside Fez. - Democratic majority in U. S. House of Representatives decide to pass Canadian Reciprocity Bill as soon as possible. - M. Hamon, Director of Accounts at French Foreign Office, dismissed and arrested. - M. Pierre Prier, French airman, flies from London to Paris without a stop. - British House of Commons rises for Easter recess. - Towns of Big Heart, Okla., and Whiting, Kan., nearly destroyed by heavy windstorms.

april 12 defined in 1912 year

april 12 - April 12;
april 12 - Memorial to Queen Victoria unveiled at Cimiez. - Kiangsi and Hunanese troops mutiny at Nanking. - Price of coal in London reduced by ids. a ton. - Mediation proposals made in Constantinople by the Powers with regard to the war in Tripoli. - Italians occupy Fort Bu-Kemmesh, Tripoli, and cut caravan routes to Tunisia. - Lord Hardinge, Viceroy of India, opens Upper Chenab section of the Punjab irrigation scheme. - Bomb explosion in a Paris taxi-cab. - Ideal Home Exhibition opened at Olympia, London. - Maritime Court at Hamburg decides that in the collision between P. and O. liner "Oceana" and German barque, "Pisague," the "Oceana" was at fault. - Federal U. S. grand jury at Buffalo, N. Y., indicts Adams Express Company and American Express Company for exceeding schedule rates. - Large dike at Greenville, Miss., broken by flood.

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