april 13

april 13 defined in 1911 year

april 13 - April 13;
april 13 - Fighting between Mexican troops and insurgents; insurgents capture Agua Prieta. - U. S. House of Representatives votes 296 to 16 in favour of the direct election of U. S. senators.

april 13 defined in 1912 year

april 13 - April 13;
april 13 - Memorial to King Edward VII at Cannes unveiled. - Scottish Medical Council meet at Edinburgh and re affirm the six "cardinal points" to be insisted on if doctors are to work the National Insurance Act. - An "Amend the (Insurance) Act" league inaugurated in London. - The presidential "primaries" of Pennsylvania show a majority for Mr. Roosevelt. - Busoni's opera, "Die Brautwahl," produced at Hamburg. - Railroad Commission of California, forces Wells, Fargo & Co. to file a complete schedule of express rates.

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