april 15

april 15 defined in 1911 year

april 15 - April 15;
april 15 - French Chamber adjourns after passing Finance Bill. - British warship ordered to Delagoa Bay owing to political disturbances there. - Pres. Taft orders American cavalry to Arizona to protect property on Mexican border. - Loan of £10,000,000 to China arranged by American, British, French and German bankers.

april 15 defined in 1912 year

april 15 - April 15;
april 15 - Mr. Balfour speaks against the Home Rule Bill in British House of Commons. - The White Star liner "Titanic," after striking on an iceberg, sinks in the Atlantic; 1,513 of the passengers and crew drowned, 711 saved. - New Defence Bills introduced in German Reichstag. - M. Poincare, French Premier, speaks at Council General of Meuse Department on the political situation in France. - Sir Joseph Saba Pasha, Egyptian Finance Minister, resigns.

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