april 17

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april 17 - April 17;
april 17 - Report of Select Committee on Educational System of South Africa issued at Cape Town. - Annual Shakespeare festival begins at Stratford-on-Avon. - Independent Labour Party's conference opens at Birmingham. - Residents of Douglas, Arizona, wounded by bullets from engagement between Mexican troops and insurgents; United States troops cross frontier and stop conflict. - Daughters of the American Revolution convene at Washington in 20th continental congress.

april 17 defined in 1912 year

april 17 - April 17;
april 17 - Investigation into causes of "Titanic" wreck ordered by U. S. Senate (see May 28); Marine House relief fund opened in London for sufferers. - Resignation of Count Khuen Hedervary, Hungarian Premier. - Russian Premier, M. Kokovtsoff, speaks at Moscow on popular representation. - Eclipse of the sun. - Price of coal falls 5s. a ton in London. - Mutiny of native troops at Fez. - Russia and Japan join with the "four nations" (Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States) to guarantee the £60,000,000 Chinese Reorganisation Loan. - Mexico refuses to recognise U. S. government's right to interfere in her affairs. - Miss Julia C. Lathrop appointed head of the Children's Bureau (see April 9). - M. John Verrept, French airman, killed at Versailles.

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