april 25

april 25 defined in 1911 year

april 25 - April 25;
april 25 - Imperial Education Conference opened in London; speech by Mr. Runciman. - Letters from King George V and Pres. Taft read at Tercentenary Bible celebration at New York. - In Hoe Library sale in New York, Gutenburg Bible sold for £10,000. - Australia reduces rate of postage to all parts of the British Empire to 1d. the half-ounce. - Day census taken of City of London gives a total of 362,742, being 61,358 more than in 1901.

april 25 defined in 1912 year

april 25 - April 25;
april 25 - Inauguration of the new Campanile of St. Mark's, Venice. - The Education in Single-School Areas Bill with drawn from the Standing Committee of the House of Commons. - Major General E. C. Bethune becomes Director- General of the British Territorial Force. - Pres. Taft speaks in Mass, against Mr. Roosevelt. - Debate on the German Defence Bills in the Reichstag concluded. – Debate in the Russian Duma on the shooting of strikers on the Lena goldfields, Siberia. - Death at Folkestone of Mr. Justin McCarthy, aged 81. - Sixteenth annual art exhibition opens at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, Pa.; Charles Sims's painting "Pastorella" awarded medal of the first class.

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