april 24

april 24 defined in 1911 year

april 24 - April 24;
april 24 - British House of Commons reassembles and resumes Committee stage of Parliament Bill. - Dr. H. M. Burge, Headmaster of Winchester College, appointed Bishop of Southwark. - Edict issued in Peking notifying cessation of plague after a death-roll of 60,000. - Curtis Guild (b. 1860), governor of Massachusetts 1906-09, appointed U. S. ambassador to Russia. - William Woodville Rockhill (b. 1854) appointed U. S. ambassador to Turkey as successor of Oscar S. Straus. - Henry S. Boutell of III. appointed U.S. minister to Switzerland. - By an explosion in mine No. 20 of Davis Coal and Coke Company at Elk Garden, W. Va., 23 miners lose their lives.

april 24 defined in 1912 year

april 24 - April 24;
april 24 - The firemen on the White Star liner "Olympic" refuse to sail owing to dissatisfaction with the provision of boats; the vessel is detained at Southampton. - The ministers of the Four Powers demand that the Anglo- Belgian loan to China shall be cancelled. - Ratification by the United States Senate of the Declaration of London, 1909. - Lord Methuen speaks at Cape Town on Imperial Defence on the eve of his departure from South Africa. - M. Jouin, assistant Chief of the Paris Detective Service, is shot dead whilst endeavouring to arrest motor-car bandits.

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