may 15

may 15 defined in 1911 year

may 15 - May 15;
may 15 - German Emperor and Empress and their daughter arrive in London. - Motion for rejection of Parliament Bill in British House of Commons negatived by 363 votes to 242; third reading carried by 362 votes to 241. - U. S. Supreme Court orders dissolution of Standard Oil Company within six months. - Supreme Court sets aside sentences of imprisonment passed in 1909 on Federation of Labour leaders. - Prince Lidj Jeassu proclaimed Emperor of Abyssinia. - Peace negotiations resumed between Gen. Madero and Mexican Government party in Mexico.

may 15 defined in 1912 year

may 15 - May 15;
may 15 - Death of King Frederick VIII of Denmark in Ham burg. - Mr. Asquith speaks in British House of Commons on Welsh Church Bill. - Mr. Winston Churchill announces Supplementary Naval Estimate, and, speaking at a public dinner, states that there will be an increase in naval personnel. - Trial of Mr. and Mrs. Pethick Lawrence and Mrs. Pankhurst on charges of conspiracy begins at Central Criminal Court, London. - California presidential primaries result in a large majority for Mr. Roosevelt. - Loan negotiations between the "Six Nations" banks and China concluded. - Austrian Premier, Count Sturgkh, threatened with blindness and temporarily superseded by Minister of the Interior, Baron von Heinold. - Foreign policy debate in British House of Lords. - Fighting at Lhasa between Chinese and Tibetans. - Death of General Jara, Dictator of Paraguay from January to July 1911.

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