may 16

may 16 defined in 1911 year

may 16 - May 16;
may 16 - Queen Victoria Memorial in London unveiled by King George in presence of German Emperor and Empress. - Mr. Lloyd George introduces Budget in British House of Commons. - Celebration at Dublin and Aldershot of centenary of battle of Albuera. - German airship "Deutsch- land" wrecked at Dusseldorf. - U. S. House of Representatives appoint a Committee under Augustus O. Stanley, Kentucky, to investigate affairs of Steel Trust. - Nomination of Henry L. Stimson (Rep.), of New York, as Secretary of War to succeed Jacob M. Dickinson (resigned May 12), confirmed by U. S. Senate. - Sale of the $50,000,000 Panama Canal bond issue is opened to the U. S. public.

may 16 defined in 1912 year

may 16 - May 16;
may 16 - Welsh Church Bill passes second reading in British House of Commons by 348 votes to 267. - Mr. Horatio Bottomley (Liberal M.P. for Hackney), resigns his seat in Parliament. - United States submarine "Geo" wrecked off Long Port, N. J. - New Zealand Arbitration Court fines Builders & Contractors' Union at Auckland £60 for ordering a strike. - Provincial general election in Quebec results in large Liberal majority. - Resignation of Mr. John Murray, Premier of Victoria; he is succeeded by Mr. W. A. Watt. - Agricultural appropriation bill, with $2,000,000 added to House estimates, passed by U. S. Senate.

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