may 17

may 17 defined in 1911 year

may 17 - May 17;
may 17 - U. S. Secretary of State Knox submits to British and French ambassadors draft of general arbitration treaty. - Arrangement in regard to prices and taxes on potash at Hamburg momentarily settles dispute between U. S. and Germany.

may 17 defined in 1912 year

may 17 - May 17;
may 17 - Bills introduced in British House of Commons for control of the feeble-minded. - Debate in Reichstag on the German Emperor's threat to Alsace-Lorraine. - Retirement of M. Georges Louis, French Ambassador to St. Petersburg. - Massenet's opera, "Don Quichotte," produced in London. - Turkish garrison in Rhodes surrender. - Eugene W. Debs of Indiana nominated candidate for the American Presidency by Socialist National Convention with Mr. Emil Seidel as vice-president.

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