may 18

may 18 defined in 1911 year

may 18 - May 18;
may 18 - Prince Arthur of Connaught opens Coronation Exhibition at White City, Shepherd's Bush, London. - MM. Pierre Marie and Paul Dupuy, French airmen, killed at Betheny, near Rheims, France. - Ring given by Queen Elizabeth to Lord Essex sold at Christie's for 3,250 guineas. - Debate in British House of Lords on Canadian Reciprocity Agreement. - Mr. Roosevelt declares in the Out look that U.S. ought not to bind itself to arbitrate questions of national honour, independence, and integrity.

may 18 defined in 1912 year

may 18 - May 18;
may 18 - Resignation of South African Union Finance Minister, Mr. Hull. - Sid Mohammed Hiba, son of Mai Ainin, becomes Pretender to Sultanate of Morocco. - Railway accident in Paris; 13 killed, 43 injured. - Japanese cruiser "Kongo," and U. S. battleship "Texas," the two heaviest and most powerful cruisers yet built, are launched at Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire and Newport News, Va., respectively. - U. S. House of Representatives enlarges powers of committee investigating "Money Trust." - Petition filed by U. S. District Attorney at New York against Herman Sielcken and others to break up alleged "Coffee Trust." - At Wilkesbarre, anthracite mine workers ratify wage agreement in convention and decide to return to work (see May 20).

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