may 21

may 21 defined in 1911 year

may 21 - May 21;
may 21 - M. Berteaux, French War Minister, killed, and M. Monis, Premier, injured by fall of an aeroplane at Issy- les-Moulineaux near Paris. - French relief column under General Moinier enters Fez; Mulai Hand's Moorish troops commit wholesale outrages on neighbouring villages. - Peace signed at Juarez between Mexican Govt. and insur gents.

may 21 defined in 1912 year

may 21 - May 21;
may 21 - Debate in British House of Commons on Board of Trade's regulations for life-saving at sea. - King George opens new building of the Royal Society of Medicine in London. - Mr. Bonar Law speaks at Glasgow on Tariff Reform. - London lightermen strike; British Govt. appoints Court of Inquiry under Sir Edward Clarke. - Miners' Federation National Conference meets in London to receive reports on fixing of minimum wage in different districts. - Name of the Society of Knights Bachelor is by King George's command changed to Imperial Society of Knights. - M. Crombes, Belgian airman, flies across the Channel and back without alighting in England. - German Defence Bills are passed by the Reichstag. - Italians occupy island of Cos.

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