march 11

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march 11 - March 11
march 11 - Trial of 30 Neapolitan Camorrists, charged with murder of Gennaro Cupcolo and his wife on June 5, 1906, begins at Viterbo. - Rioting in Athens over attempt to insert amendment in Constitution requiring exclusive use in public offices and churches of a "purified literary language." - Turkish Foreign Minister makes proposals to Great Britain with regard to Persian Gulf and Bagdad railway. - Sir Joseph Ward, New Zealand Prime Minister, speaking at Sydney, advocates an Imperial Council and graduated contributions to an Imperial fleet. - Shipbuilding strike at Edinburgh terminated after 7 months. - Wales beats Ireland in Rugby football at Cardiff by 16 points to nil. - Fourteen men killed by landslide on property adjoining Norman open pit iron mine at Virginia, Minn.

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