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may 23 defined in 1911 year

may 23 - May 23;
may 23 - Imperial Conference opened in London under presidency of Mr. Asquith. - Meeting at Albert Hall, London, in support of Imperial Preference. - New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue opened. - General strike at Montevideo, Uruguay. - At dinner to Colonial Premiers, London, Sir Edward Grey proposes toast of Anglo-American Arbitration. - Russia warns Turkey that concentration of troops on Montenegrin frontier is a menace to peace.

may 23 defined in 1912 year

may 23 - May 23;
may 23 - Count Berchtold, Austrian Premier, arrives in Berlin on a visit. - General strike of freight-handlers in the United States begins. - London lightermen's strike spreads to all transport workers connected with the docks. - Hungarian General Strike in support of universal suffrage begins with rioting involving much loss of life. - M. Paul Deschanel elected President of French Chamber of Deputies in place of M. Brisson. - Two battalions of American Marines despatched to Cuba to protect American interests. - The "Imperator," of the Hamburg-America line, the largest liner yet built, launched at Hamburg by the German Emperor. - News received of the Chinese revolutionary party's successes in Kashgaria. - Ven. W. O. Burrows, Archdeacon of Birmingham, appointed Bishop of Truro. - Panama Canal bill, admitting American-owned ships free and excluding vessels owned by railroads, passed by the U. S. House of Representatives (see July n). - Presbyterian General Assembly, at Louisville, refuses to admit women to pulpit. - Twelfth International Congress of Navigation opens at Philadelphia.

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