may 24

may 24 defined in 1911 year

may 24 - May 24;
may 24 - Cunard liner "Ivernia" strikes on Daunt's Rock, near Queenstown, Ireland; mails and passengers saved. - Henry J. Duveen, London art dealer, fined £3,000 in New York for evasion of American customs duties on objects of art. - Pres. Taft refuses to pardon Charles W. Morse, of New York, and John R. Walsh, of Chicago, convicted bankers. - Edwin V. Morgan (b. 1865) of New York appointed U. S. minister to Portugal as successor of Henry S. Boutell.

may 24 defined in 1912 year

may 24 - May 24;
may 24 - London Transport Workers' strike enquiry under Sir Edward Clarke opens. - South Hackney by-election results in return of Mr. H. Morison (Liberal) by majority of 503, being a reduction of over 3,000. - Further rioting in Budapest in connection with general strike. - General Lyautey arrives at Fez and is met by the Sultan's representative, El Mokri. - Funeral of King Frederick of Denmark. - Research Hospital opened at Cambridge, Eng land. - Canada and Australia win large gold medals for fruit at International Flower Show, London. - Partial settlement of London tailors' strike. - Empire Day celebrated throughout British Empire. - Mrs. Pankhurst and Mr. and Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, suffragists convicted of conspiracy, granted special prison privileges. - U. S. Government proceedings against Coffee Trust begun in Federal District Court, New York. - Demachy art sale opens in Paris. - At general Methodist conference in Minneapolis, Minn., the last of the eight new American bishops are elected. - Board of Estimate approves the new Subway system in New York City. - Edson J. Chamberlin appointed president of Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada.

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