may 25

may 25 defined in 1911 year

may 25 - May 25;
may 25 - Resignation of Porfirio Diaz, Pres. of Mexico; Francisco Leon de la Barra chosen provisional president. - Provisional census returns published for England and Wales, showing increase of population of 10.91 per cent. - Walter Benson, British airman, killed at Hendon. - U. S. battleship "Wyoming," 26,000 tons displacement, launched at Philadelphia.

may 25 defined in 1912 year

may 25 - May 25;
may 25 - Count Berchtold, Austrian Premier, received by the German Emperor at Potsdam. - Fez attacked by Moorish tribesmen. - Rioting occurs at Lisbon in connection with trial of Portuguese political prisoners. - Anglo-Latin Exhibition opened in London. - Eight hundred English school children visit Paris as guests of the Paris Municipality, to take part in musical competition. - Lieut, von Schlichting, German airman, killed at Johannisthal. - £1,000,000 given by Mrs. Walter Russell Hall for relief of poverty in Australia. - Nine United States war vessels ordered to assemble at Key West for possible service in Cuban waters. - Americans warned by revolutionary leader Zapata to leave Mexico City.

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