may 27

may 27 defined in 1911 year

may 27 - May 27;
may 27 - 10,000 boys and girls take part in pageant of Empire held in Hyde Park, London. - Dominion Premiers entertained by Eighty Club, London; Mr. Lloyd George speaks. - Cardiff conference of South Wales miners rejects terms of settlement in Cambrian Coal Trust dispute. - French Govt. express sympathy with Russian note to Turkey on Montenegrin question (see May 23). - Investigation of U. S. Steel Corporation begun by Stanley committee, (see May 16). - Rt. Rev. Edmond F. Prendergast appointed Roman Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia. - " Dream land," Coney Island, N. Y., amusement resort, destroyed by fire.

may 27 defined in 1912 year

may 27 - May 27;
may 27 - British Govt. afford police protection for unloading and transport of food to Central markets of London. - Turkey obtains assent of British Govt. to appointment of five British officers as members of the directorate of her European gendarmerie. - Rioting occurs in Cyprus between Greeks and Turks. - Mr. John Boraston appointed principal agent of United Conservative and Liberal Unionist parties of Great Britain. - Cuba informed by Pres. Taft that mobilising of American fleet at Key West does not mean intervention. - Amendment to Naval appropriation bill, applying eight-hour law to mining of coal used by navy adopted by U. S. House of Representatives.

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