may 29

may 29 defined in 1911 year

may 29 - May 29;
may 29 - National Insurance Bill passes second reading in British House of Commons. - Parliament Bill passes second reading in House of Lords without a division. - U. S. Supreme Court decides that Tobacco Trust is a combination in restraint of trade and directs its dissolution within six months. - Pope issues Encyclical condemning anti-religious attitude of Portuguese Republic. - Portuguese elections result in Govt. victory. - Japan and Russia express desire to share in Four Powers £10,000,000 loan to China (see May 20). - Death of Sir W. S. Gilbert, British dramatist, aged 74.

may 29 defined in 1912 year

may 29 - May 29;
may 29 - London shipowners refuse Govt.'s invitation to meet the transport workers in conference. - New Jersey presidential primaries give a large majority for Mr. Roosevelt. - Lord Kitchener visits Malta from Egypt to confer with Mr. Asquith and Mr. Winston Churchill on defence problems.

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