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may 30 defined in 1911 year

may 30 - May 30;
may 30 - King George sends message of congratulation to South Africa on anniversary of establishment of Union. - Internat. Musical Congress opens in London; Mr. Balfour speaks. - General Assemblies of Church of Scotland and United Free Church discuss question of union. - Work men's Insurance Bill passed by German Reichstag by 232 votes to 58.

may 30 defined in 1912 year

may 30 - May 30;
may 30 - Turkish patrol attacked at Kalodere in Albania; 3 killed, 4 missing. - Italians bombard Scalanova, near Smyrna, owing to killing of two Italian sailors by Turks. - Port of London Authority refuse Govt.'s invitation to meet the transport workers in conference. - N. W. Norfolk by-election results in return of Mr. Hemmerde (Liberal) by reduced majority of 645. - Fighting at Sefru, near Fez; rebels repulsed. - Lord Kitchener's first report on Egypt issued. - Death of Mr. Wilbur Wright, airman, aged 45. - German Emperor unveils a monument at Brandenburg to the Elector Frederick I, and speaks on German Unity. - Sir Wilfrid Laurier speaks on Reciprocity at a banquet at Montreal. - Wolf-Ferrari's opera, "The Jewels of the Madonna," performed at Covent Garden Theatre, London. - University of London appoint a Committee to consider the question of a suitable site. - Carcano art sale begins in Paris. - Steel bill, passed by the House Jan. 29, is passed by U. S. Senate, with an amendment repealing Canadian reciprocity act.

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