may 31

may 31 defined in 1911 year

may 31 - May 31;
may 31 - White Star liner "Titanic" launched at Belfast (see April 15, 1912). - Explosion at Laloma, Nicaragua; 150 persons killed. - M. Beaumont, French airman, wins Paris to Rome aeroplane race. - Mr. J. B. Joel's "Sunstar" wins the Derby at Epsom.

may 31 defined in 1912 year

may 31 - May 31;
may 31 - London transport workers and employers confer with Ministers at Home Office, but decline to meet each other. - British Treasury makes a provisional grant of £30,000 to Welsh National Library building fund. - Greek Minister of Finance, M. Dimitrakopoulos, resigns, owing to the forcible exclusion from the Chamber at Athens of the Cretan deputies. - Steengracht gallery at the Hague closed to the public. - Strike of waiters in New York becomes general. - Turkish patrol attacked in Albania; four killed. - House bill for an eight-hour day on all government contract work passed by U. S. Senate; conference report upon Agricultural apropriation bill rejected.

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