june 1

june 1 defined in 1911 year

june 1 - June 1;
june 1 - Turkish forces resume operations against Albanians. - Imperial Conference begins two days7 discussion of Declaration of London, which is finally approved. - Mr. Lloyd George attends special meeting of British Medical Association, London, to discuss National Insurance Bill. - Hull (Central) election petition results in unseating of Sir H. S. King (Unionist). - Pres. Taft speaks at Chicago in favour of Canadian Reciprocity. - Underwood bill, providing for a 50% reduction in tariff on wool, endorsed by Democratic caucus in U. S. House of Representatives.

june 1 defined in 1912 year

june 1 - June 1;
june 1 - King Ferdinand of Bulgaria visits Emperor of Austria at Vienna. - Queen and Prince Consort of Holland visit Paris and are welcomed by French Pres. - British Admiralty announce that Malta will be maintained as a naval base. - Italian subjects ordered to leave Chios. - Mr. Redman, British instructor to the Shereefian army, killed in fighting at Fez. - Mr. Falconer Madan appointed Bodley's Librarian at Oxford. - Rioting at N. Y. in connection with waiters' strike. - Cunard liner "Carmania" seriously damaged by fire at Liverpool. - Cretan deputies endeavour to force an entrance into the Chamber at Athens and are repulsed; Chamber prorogued till October 1. - Persian Govt. troops enter Kernanshah, and the pretender Salar-ed-Dowleh takes flight. - Lieut. Stille and Herr Buchstatter, German airman, killed at Bremen. - Ruby, a mechanic, killed while flying with Collardeau (French airman) at Juvisy. - Philip Parmelee, American airman, killed at North Yaldma, Washington. - Scotland wins internat. golf match at Westward Ho, Devon. - Legislative, Executive and Judicial appropriation bill eliminating radical provisions of House is reported in U.S. Senate. - U.S. transport "Buford" arrives at San Francisco, having brought 364 American refugees from Mexican to Californian ports.

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