june 3

june 3 defined in 1911 year

june 3 - June 3;
june 3 - Mirdites, Albanian tribe, revolt against Turks and proclaim autonomy of Albania. - Lt. C. A. Cameron and his wife sentenced at Edinburgh to three years' penal servitude for fraudulent insurance of a necklace, afterwards alleged to have been stolen.

june 3 defined in 1912 year

june 3 - June 3;
june 3 - Albanians attack Turkish troops in Ipek and are repulsed. - Hungarian Premier, Dr. de Lukacs, refuses to alter Army Bill. - Widener library bequeathed to Harvard University. - Great fire at Stamboul destroys four mosques, seven schools, and over 1,000 houses. - Visiting German warships received by Pres. Taft in Hampton Roads, U.S.A.

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