june 4

june 4 defined in 1911 year

june 4 - June 4;
june 4 - King of Italy unveils equestrian statue of Victor Emmanuel II in Rome. - Portuguese Govt. announce readiness to waive some part of Separation Law (Church and State).

june 4 defined in 1912 year

june 4 - June 4;
june 4 - Transport Workers' Federation of Great Britain resolve on a national strike unless the London demands are granted. - Mr. Bruce Ismay gives evidence before the "Titanic" Inquiry Commission in London. - London tailors' strike ends. - Canada resolves to join in the celebration of a hundred years of Anglo-American peace. - Strike riots at Oviedo, Spain; one person killed. - Hungarian Chamber, after scene of disorder, accepts Army Bill. - U.S. battleship "Arkansas" damaged off coast of Maine. - Rioting in Belgium over result of elections.

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