june 7

june 7 defined in 1911 year

june 7 - June 7;
june 7 - Earthquake at Mexico City; 63 killed, 75 injured. - Reorganisation of Portuguese Foreign Office decreed. - Germany warns France that Moroccan sovereignty must be respected. - Further rioting in champagne districts of France.

june 7 defined in 1912 year

june 7 - June 7;
june 7 - M. Kovacs, Hungarian Deputy, fires at Count Tisza in the Hungarian Parliament, and then shoots himself. - French Govt.'s Electoral Reform Bill submitted to a Committee of Chamber of Deputies. - King Ferdinand of Bulgaria arrives in Potsdam on a visit to German Emperor. - Mr. John Ball at Westward Ho, Devon, wins British Amateur Golf Championship for the 8th time. - Bagdad Railway Report for 1911 published. - Strike of Boston (Mass.) car-workers results in rioting. - Explosion of powder magazine at Wellersdorf, near Wiener-Neustadt, kills 14 and injures 100 persons. - Mr. A. Lee's "White Slave Traffic" Bill in British House of Commons adopted by the Govt. - U.S. Supreme Court holds that railways cannot carry railway supplies (coal especially) at rates cheaper than those charged to public. - U.S. Republican National Committee in Chicago decides the first 24 contests that come before it in favour of the delegates for Taft. - The "Ohio" and "Minnesota," U.S. battleships, arrive at Guantanamo, Cuba. - Race for "The Oaks" at Epsom won by Mr. J. Pratt's "Mirska."

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