june 8

june 8 defined in 1911 year

june 8 - June 8;
june 8 - Resignation of Belgian Cabinet under M. Schollaert owing to failure of Education Bill. - Finance Committee of U. S. Senate report Reciprocity Bill, with Senator Root's amendment appended. - Spanish troops land at Larache, Morocco, and march to Alcazar; Moorish Govt. protest against violation of their territory. - Birkbeck Bank, London, suspends payment. - Pageant of London opened at Crystal Palace by Prince Arthur of Connaught. - Federal investigation of so-called "Coke Trust" begun at Pittsburg, Pa. - Pres. Taft sends to U. S. Senate message recommending loan contract with Nicaragua.

june 8 defined in 1912 year

june 8 - June 8;
june 8 - French submarine "Vendemiaire" sunk near Cherbourg by battleship "St. Louis;" 25 drowned. - Ban of Croatia, M. de Cuvaj, shot at by L. Jakitch, a law student at Agram; M. de Hervoitch, his companion, and a gendarme mortally hurt (see Aug. 12). - Italians attack Zanzur, Tripoli, and inflict heavy losses on Turks. - King Nicholas of Montenegro visits the Emperor of Austria at Vienna. - King George reviews the National Reserve Troops in Hyde Park, London.- Aerial "Derby" at Hendon, England, won by F. Hamel. - Visseur, Belgian airman, killed whilst flying as a passenger at Rheims. - Forty-eight Taft delegates are seated by Republican National Convention. - Memorial to Christopher Columbus unveiled at Washington, D.C.

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