june 11

june 11 defined in 1911 year

june 11 - June 11;
june 11 - American squadron of four battleships welcomed at Kronstadt by Russians.

june 11 defined in 1912 year

june 11 - June 11;
june 11 - Transport Workers' order for national strike obeyed at Manchester, Bristol, Plymouth, Southampton, and Swansea. - Sir Rufus Isaacs, K.C., Attorney General, be comes a member of the British Cabinet. - Mr. Horatio Bottomley is adjudicated a bankrupt. - Hythe by-election results in return of Sir P. Sassoon (Unionist), by majority of 1718. - Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire opened in London by Mr. Asquith. - The Regent of Persia leaves Teheran for Europe. - Committee of Hungarian House of Magnates adopt Army Bill by 29 votes to 14. - Havre Seamen's strike spreads to Calais and Brest. - U.S. Senate votes against an appropriation for Commerce Court. - U.S. District Court at Toledo fines Hocking Valley Ry. Co. $42,000 and Sunday Creek Coal Co. $20,000 for rebating. - Nearly 90 miles of levees in Louisiana break. - Lieut. L. W. Hazelhurst, Jr., U.S.A., and Al Welsh, a professional aviator, killed at army aviation field, College Park, Md.

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