june 12

june 12 defined in 1911 year

june 12 - June 12;
june 12 - France announces that she will deal with Spain as regards Morocco without consulting other Powers. - Birkbeck Bank, London, reopened to pay 10/- in the £. - Internat. Horse Show opens at Olympia, London. - U. S. House of Rep. resolution in favour of direct election of United States senators, with an amendment providing for Federal control, passed by Senate, 64 to 24.

june 12 defined in 1912 year

june 12 - June 12;
june 12 - Col. J. E. B. Seely becomes Secretary of State for War in the British Govt. - Mr. Austin Chamberlain moves a vote of censure in British House of Commons on the Home Secretary (Mr. McKenna) for refusing police protection to a party of free labourers at Purfleet. It is rejected by 337 votes to 260. - Demonstration of 13,000 men in the Albert Hall and Hyde Park against Welsh Church Bill; speeches by Mr. Bonar Law and the Archbishops of York and Canterbury. - Bunyan's copy of Foxe's "Book of Martyrs" sold to Mr. Pierpont Morgan for £2,000. - U.S. Senate adopts an amendment to Legislative, Executive and Judicial appropriation bill, repealing law creating Commerce Court. - Republican National Committee decides contests from Arizona, California, Louisiana, Michigan and Mississippi in favour of Taft delegates. Roosevelt announces that his platform will favour woman's suffrage. - Count Tisza has special audience with the Emperor Francis Joseph, who praises his conduct as Pres. of the Chamber. - England defeats S. Africa in cricket at Lord's, London, by an innings and 62 runs. - -Lord Heneage's motion in House of Lords to postpone operation of the Insurance Act until 1913 negatived without divisions.

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