june 19

june 19 defined in 1911 year

june 19 - June 19;
june 19 - Constituent Assembly opens in Lisbon and sanctions decree exiling Royal Family. - Lord Rosebery speaks at lunch given in Westminster Hall to representatives of Dominion parliaments. - Meeting of British admirals at Westminster Palace Hotel, London, condemns Declaration of London. - United States grants official recognition to new Portuguese Republic.

june 19 defined in 1912 year

june 19 - June 19;
june 19 - Pennsylvania (Roosevelt) delegation bolts Republi can National Convention and Roosevelt members leave Credential Committee. Gov. Hadley's motion to bar from voting on contests 72 contesting delegates is defeated 569 to 477. - Two French military airmen, Capt. Dubois and Lieut. Peignan, killed near Douai by collision of their aeroplanes. - Montenegrin Cabinet resign and a new Minis try is formed under Gen. Martinovitch. - British House of Commons, voting in Committee on Mr. Agar Robartes' Amendment to Clause 1 of the Home Rule Bill, decides by majority of 69 against excluding four counties in the province of Ulster from the operation of the Bill. - Rebel raid at Vuchitru in Albania. - Pres. Taft signs eight hour law for contract work for U.S. Govt.

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