april 8

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april 8 - April 8
april 8 - Opening of Archaeological Exhibition in Rome. - Fire in a wooden building at Poona during Ramuavi festival; 200 persons reported burnt. - Mr. Winston Churchill wins action for slander against Mr. T. B. Spencer, who had charged him in an election speech in Devonshire with having broken parole in escaping from Pretoria during Boer War. - Portrait by Hoppner sold at Christie's for 6,200 guineas. - Fez attacked by Berber force, 7,000 strong. - Judgment of Circuit Court, Connecticut, in case of Danbury, Conn., hatters and Union of United Hatters of North America, awarding about $232,000 for damages sustained by alleged boycott, is set aside by Circuit Court of Appeals, on a writ of error. - 50th anniversary of founding of Massachusetts Institute of Technology celebrated in Boston by congress of Technology. - Right of U. S. to arrange reciprocal tariff with Canada affirmed by new Court of Customs Appeal.

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