june 20

june 20 defined in 1911 year

june 20 - June 20;
june 20 - Coronation Honours List published in London, including nine peerages, 19 Privy Councillorships, 20 baronetcies, 56 knighthoods, and over 120 promotions to orders, including the O.M. for Sir George Trevelyan and Sir E. Elgar. - Final meeting of Imperial Conference, Lon don. - Shakespeare Costume Ball at Albert Hall, London. - West Harn election petition results in unseating of Mr. Masterman (Liberal). - In second ballots of Austrian General Election Christian Socialists lose 17 seats out of 20. - Democratic wool-revision bill passed by U. S. House of Representatives, 221 to 100.

june 20 defined in 1912 year

june 20 - June 20;
june 20 - On final appeal, in the Thompson-Banister case, House of Lords decides that a clergyman is not entitled to refuse the Sacrament to persons who have married under the Colonial Marriages (Deceased Wife's Sister) Act, 1906. - Holmfirth (Yorks.) by-election results in return of Mr. S. Arnold (Liberal) by a majority of 1,370. - Race for the Ascot Gold Cup won by Mr. Pilkington's "Prince Palatine". - Russian Duma votes five years naval programme, including £50,000,000 for construction. - French seamen's strike spreads to Marseilles. - Chinese troops mutiny at Mukden. - Debate on Language clause in Civil Service Bill begins in South African Parliament. - "Six Powers" Loan to China negotiations concluded in Paris. - London Transport strike leaders confer with Chief Liberal Whip. - Poyer, French motor-car bandit, arrested in Paris.

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