june 27

june 27 defined in 1911 year

june 27 - June 27;
june 27 - Mr. Balfour moves resolution of protest against Declaration of London at meeting in City. - Seamen's strike spreads at British ports; trade of Hull, Yorks., blocked. - Strike of dockers and carmen at Liverpool and Manchester aggravates difficulties of settling seamen's strike. - New French Ministry formed under M. Caillaux. - King George and Queen Mary attend gala performance at His Majesty's Theatre, London. - Mr. Lloyd George receives deputations from County Councils Associations and Municipal Corporations with reference to National Insurance Bill.

june 27 defined in 1912 year

june 27 - June 27;
june 27 - Debate on Colonial Vote in British House of Commons; Mr. Harcourt reviews work and progress of last six years. - Protest meeting of domestic servants against Insurance Act in Albert Hall, London. - Italians attack and take Sidi Said in Tripoli, carrying intrenchments after severe fighting. - Estenoz, leader of Cuban rebels, reported killed. - Mutiny of Turkish troops extending in Turkey. - Francis Bacon memorial unveiled by Mr. Balfour at Gray's Inn, London. - Capt. Bayo, Sppnish military airman, fatally injured at Madrid. - Baron Vincenzo Paterno sentenced to penal servitude for life for murder of Countess Giulia Tringona on March 2. - Mr. Pethick Lawrence, British suffragist leader, released after serving 5 weeks of his sentence. - Ehlers, German sailor, sentenced at Leipzig to six years' penal servitude for betraying naval secrets.

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