june 28

june 28 defined in 1911 year

june 28 - June 28;
june 28 - King George and Queen Mary visit Royal Agricultural Show at Norwich. - Shipowners' Association of United Kingdom pass resolutions in favour of increased rate of seamen's wages, but refuse to recognise men's associations.

june 28 defined in 1912 year

june 28 - June 28;
june 28 - Debate in British House of Commons on treatment of suffragist prisoners, opened by Lord Robert Cecil. - Window breaking by suffragists in London and provincial towns as a protest against forcible feeding. - Ilkeston by- election results in return of Col. Seely (re-elected on appointment as War Minister) by a majority of 1,211, a reduction of 2,800. - Yuan-Shih-kai accepts resignation of Chinese Premier, Tang-Shao-Yi. - Free State education controversy in South Africa settled. - Funeral procession of Field Marshal Sir George White across London. - U.S. Intestate Commerce Commission suspends new restrictions of baggage carried free by railways and steamships. - In Democratic National Convention at Baltimore on the first ballot for Presidential nomination Champ Clark re ceives 440½ votes, Woodrow Wilson 324, Judson Harmon 148, Oscar Underwood 117½ and Thomas R. Marshall 31; eleven more unsuccessful ballots are taken. - Death of Mr. Enoch Edwards, President of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain, aged 60. - Lord Morley delivers an address on Democracy at Manchester. - Celebration of bi-centenary of birth of Jean Jacques Rousseau at Geneva. - Zeppelin airship, "Schwaben," wrecked at Dusseldorf.

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