june 29

june 29 defined in 1911 year

june 29 - June 29;
june 29 - King George and Queen Mary attend Service at St. Paul's Cathedral and are entertained to lunch at Guildhall. - Mr. Lloyd George meets representatives of Friendly Societies with regard to National Insurance Bill. - Four aeroplanes presented to British Govt. by Mr. H. Barber. - Puccini's opera "Girl of the Golden West" performed for first time in England at Covent Garden Theatre, London. - Federal grand jury in New York City indicts 83 officers of 36 companies manufacturing steel wire, charged with conspiracy.

june 29 defined in 1912 year

june 29 - June 29;
june 29 - Mr. Lloyd George speaks at Woodford on the "free the land" policy. - Demonstration against Welsh Church Bill at Cardiff. - French Congress at Quebec; Mr. Bourassa protests against Americanism. - Thirty-five Arabs sentenced to death in Tunis for participation in November riots (see Nov. 8). - Lu Cheng-Nsieng, Chinese Foreign Minister, appointed Premier. - Schadt, German airman, killed at Miilhausen. - Lt. Blaschke, Austrian officer, flies up to 13,970 ft. at Vienna. - Royalist demonstration at Barcellos, Portugal.

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