july 5

july 5 defined in 1911 year

july 5 - July 5;
july 5 - Lord Lansdowne's amendment to Parliament Bill accepted by 253 votes to 46 in House of Lords. - Hull by-election results in return of Mr. Mark Sykes (Unionist), majority 278. - Sir John Edge and Syed Ameer Ali made members of Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. - Oxford wins cricket match at Lords against Cambridge by 74 runs. - Death of Maria Pia, Queen Dowager of Portugal. - United States, Great Britain and Italy submit Note to Haiti demanding settlement of their claims. - King George makes award on Alsop case, Chile being ordered to pay $935,000 to United States. - Martial law proclaimed in Paraguay. - Resolution providing for direct election of U. S. senators referred by House of Rep. to a conference committee of senators and representatives.

july 5 defined in 1912 year

july 5 - July 5;
july 5 - Rhodes Memorial, erected on Table Mountain, dedicated by Lord Grey. - Dock Strike Committee in London decide that strike shall continue. - Rioting takes place among dockers on strike at Havre. - Capt. E. B. Loraine and Staff Sergeant R. Wilson, British military airmen, killed on Salisbury Plain. - Funeral of Sir L. Alma Tadema in St. Paul's Cathedral, London. - Eilers, an American subject, sentenced at Leipzig to 4 years' penal servitude for espionage. - M. Mounet-Sully celebrates 40th anniversary of debut at the Comedie Francaise. - Holland admitted to Berne Copyright Convention. - General Gourand in Morocco defeats Pretender and his Sebala force. - Dedication of Champlain Memorial Lighthouse, at Crown Point, N. Y., given by New York State and Vermont to U.S. - Naval appropriation bill, with amendment providing for building two battleships, passed by U.S. Senate. - Railway accident at Ligonier, Pennsylvania; 17 killed, 30 injured.

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