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july 6 - July 6;
july 6 - Treaty signed for arbitration of claims between U. S. and Great Britain; ratified by Senate July 19. - Lewis Einstein (b. 1877) of New York appointed U. S. minister to Costa Rica as successor of William L. Merry, resigned June 28, 1911. - Evan E. Young (b. 1878) of South Dakota appointed U. S. minister to Ecuador, as successor of Williams C. Fox, resigned July 1. - Charles Dunning White (b. 1868) of New Jersey appointed U. S. nvnister to Honduras as successor of Fenton R. McCreery, resigned July 1. - William W. Russell (b. 1859), of D. C., appointed U. S. minister to Dominican Republic. - H. Percival Dodge (b. 1870) of Massachusetts appointed U. S. minister to Panama, as successor of Thomas C. Dawson. - U. S. Attorney-General begins suit against Lehigh Valley Railroad under commodities clause of Hepburn Act to separate coalmining from railroading. - International Christian Endeavor convention begins at Atlantic City with attendance of 10,000 delegates. - Glasgow (Tradeston) by-election results in return of Mr. Dundas White (Liberal), majority 1,086. - Lord Kitchener and Premiers of Australia, New Zealand and Newfoundland, visit Glasgow and are presented with freedom of city. - Nine competitors in European Aviation Circuit race arrive at Calais, Vedrines leading. - Resignation of Sir Eldon Gorst, British Agent and Consul-General in Egypt.

july 6 defined in 1912 year

july 6 - July 6;
july 6 - King George's proposed visit to Royal Albert Dock extension on July 17 cancelled owing to strike. - King George and Queen Mary attend Henley Regatta in the State barge. - Official communiqué issued from Port Baltic concerning the meeting of the German Emperor and the Tsar. - Govt. of Morocco decide to open the port of Mehedia to foreign trade on January 1, 1913. - Mr. Imre Schwaiger of Delhi presents sacred peacock in steel to British Museum. - "Olympic" runs aground in New York harbour. - Prince Katsura starts from Tokyo for a European political tour. - Opening of the Stadium for the Olympic Games at Stockholm by the King of Sweden. - At Henley, the Rowing Club de Paris win the Thames Challenge Cup; the Sydney Rowing Club the Grand Challenge Cup; Eton the Ladies Challenge Plate; New College, Oxford, the Stewards' Challenge Cup; Queens College, Cambridge, the Wyfold Challenge Cup; E. W. Powell (Vikings' Club) the Diamond Sculls; Christ Church I, Oxford, the Visitor's Challenge Cup, and Logan and Rought (Thames Rowing Club) the Silver Goblets.

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