july 7

july 7 defined in 1911 year

july 7 - July 7;
july 7 - Convention between Great Britain, United States, Russia and Japan, to suspend pelagic sealing for fifteen years, signed in Washington. - European Aviation Circuit race won by "Beaumont" (Lt. Conneau), French airman. - Kent (St. Augustine's) by-election results in return of Mr. Ronald McNeill (Unionist) unopposed.

july 7 defined in 1912 year

july 7 - July 7;
july 7 - German Imperial Chancellor visits St. Petersburg. - Dynamite explosion at Rancagua, Chile; 38 killed. - Portuguese Royalist attack on Valenca repulsed; Capt. Couceiro threatens Montalegre but retires. - Call issued in New York signed by sixty-three men from forty states, summoning delegates to a national Progressive Convention at Chicago, on August 6.

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