july 8

july 8 defined in 1911 year

july 8 - July 8;
july 8 - King George and Queen Mary arrive in Dublin and receive loyal welcome. - West Ham by-election results in return of Baron de Forest (Liberal), majority 1,031. - Manchester dock strike settled. - Tercentenary of Charter house School celebrated at Godalming, Surrey. - Eton beats Harrow at cricket at Lords by 3 wickets. - Henley Regatta closes: Eton wins Ladies' Challenge Plate; Magdalen College, Oxford, Grand Challenge Cup; Thames Rowing Club, Stewards' Cup and Silver Goblets; and W. D. Kinnear Diamond Sculls.

july 8 defined in 1912 year

july 8 - July 8;
july 8 - London Dock Strike Committee issue a statement that they regret the cancellation of the King's visit but express "both indebtedness and respect to his Majesty." - Second reading of Franchise Bill moved by Mr. Harcourt in British House of Commons. - Capt. Couceiro bombards Chaves, but is repulsed by troops sent by Portuguese Govt. to oppose Royalist insurgents. - International Miners' Congress opens at Amsterdam. - Camorra trial at Viterbo, begun March 1911, ends in 8 of the accused being sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment, and the rest to terms of from 4 to 20 years. - Mr. Chamberlain celebrates his 76th birth day; shilling fund opened. - In the New York seamen's strike one striker killed and two policemen shot. - King George and Queen Mary begin an "industrial" tour in Yorkshire. - Turkish Govt. declare a state of siege in the Kruja district of Albania. - Misurata, Tripoli, occupied by Italian troops. - Resignation of Mahmud Shevket Pasha, Turkish War Minister.

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